Since the cannabinoid has been legalized, the pharmaceutical industry started work on products derived from hemp which are a remedy for many illnesses. They developed completely legal products aiming those who seek cannabinoid ingredient to relieve from pains. An example of these products is CBD cream for pain.

Table of content:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is CBD cream
  3. Does CBD cream help with pain
  4. Is CBD Cream help with Inflammation
  5. Does CBD cream get you high
  6. Which format is better for pain: CBD Oil or Cream
  7. Benefits of CBD Cream
  8. Any side effects if CBD cream

What is CBD cream?

CBD cream is a hemp-based product, combined with other medicinal herbs to relieve the pains that come with aging, improves physical wellbeing and cures chronical pains. Unlike CBD oil, it was produced to be applied directly on the skin where the pain or inflammation sources.

Does CBD cream help with pain?

CBD cream does cure many kinds of pains and illnesses. Such as arthritis, epilepsy, joint pain, inflammation, acute inflammation, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cramps, tendonitis, headache, and even cancer. It must also be noted that the use of cannabinoid has been legalized for medical purposes.

Is CBD Cream help with Inflammation?

We have a natural enzyme system in our body called the endocannabinoid system. These enzymes require to bind cannabinoid ingredient essence to start working. This means that our body naturally needs cannabinoid. All mammal animals have this enzyme system too. This enzyme system works like an outside organ of the cells. They require these enzymes to relate and reflect outside world. CB1 receptors make our cells more aware of the outside conditions. Thus, cannabinoid alleviates bruise and inflammation which are due to an imbalance of the working of our cells. It is also an improvement for the auto-immune disorder.

Does CBD cream get you high?

CBD cream does not get you high. Marijuana is usually known for its narcotic effect. THC, which is a type of cannabinoid, exerts an impact on the brain cells. This happens through binding the CB1 receptors in the brain. However, CBD cream binds CB2 receptors over skin cells. Our body has a natural endocannabinoid enzym system from top to bottom. The cannabinoid ingredient you get from CBD cream binds these CB2 enzyms.

Which format is better for pain: CBD Oil or Cream?

Both CBD Oil and CBD cream relive the pain, this fact is not topical in terms of difference. However, one of the significant difference between them is the usage method. CBD Oil is taken orally and drop onto the sublingual area. This way, CBD Oil fastly mixes with the blood, bypassing the digestive system. CBD Cream, on the other hand, is applied on the surface of the skin. The effect of CBD Oil is faster, yet, the effect of CBD cream lasts longer. Both medications have Cannabinoid as its base ingredient. CBD cream is made of cannabinoid oil, and also extra plant-based extracts from a vast array of option added into the product, such as Aloe Vera, coconut, cocoa bean, distilled water, vitamin E, peppermint etc. The common feature of all the plants added is that they are all good for alleviating pain from the surface of body skin, tissues, musculature and skeleton structure. Types of product change according to the base ingredient, whether it is hemp seed oil or the plant oil.

Benefits of CBD Cream

Cannabinoid cream is used by many people to alleviate pains. Old people who have chronicle illnesses that require pain relief, athletes, having cramps due to many hours of sport, people with cancer who need relief from spasms caused by surgeries or chemotherapies, and those who have chronicle pain of all types. CBD Cream must be applied on the surface of the skin regularly to have a long-lasting effect. Users generally indicate significant relief from pain in approximately three to four weeks.

Any side effect if CBD Cream has

CBD cream, indeed, has no side effect, since there are no laboratory chemical ingredients in it. It is completely natural and herbal. However, the topical issue is that some CBD Creams have THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol) inside. This also depends on whether the base ingredient of CBD Cream for pain is hemp seed oil or plant oil. THC may also interact with CB1 enzymes in the brain. Despite the presence of THC indicates a full-body activation of healing, there may be some side-effects caused by this presence. These are sedation, drowsiness, and dry mouth. The legal limit of THC is %0.3. Some CBD cream for pain products have a 1:1 CBD-THC ratio and some have a 1:3. You must check the THC ratio inside the medical. In addition, you should stick to doctor prescription.

Final Thoughts

CBD Cream is a natural and herbal product, recently developed. Its usage is considered to increase in the near future, as the government has just legalized the use of medical cannabinoid. CBD Cream has CBD oil as a base ingredient, but in addition to that, it has also some other herbal ingredients. CBD Cream for pain is completely trustworthy and organic.


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