Like many other health supplement organization, TruVision places a lot of emphasis on the business part while keeping a lot of their information private. They offer numerous products and supplements. Some of the products they provide help with maintaining joints, removing free radicals, and enhancing cardiovascular health.

Some of the supplements in the TruVision range of products include TruFix and TruSlumber. TruFix helps in strengthening the chemistry of your blood while TruSlumber boosts sleep quality.

However, TruVision’s TruWeight and TruEnergy supplements raised eyebrows in the past. For this reason, it is essential to read this review among many other TruVision reviews online.

FDA Stand on TruVision Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed warnings about TruVision in a letter in September 2015. FDA claimed that there was a substantial amount of a stimulant drug known as ephedrine in TruWeight and TruEnergy. The supplements contained DMBA, which has the same structure as ephedrine.

Despite the two products being on the drug ban list, they have never led to adverse effects on people. Their banning attracted a lot of criticism from users, as they claimed that FDA was fast in banning some supplements, yet they play around with harmful products such as cigarettes and alcohol.

From all the controversy about TruWeight and TruEnergy containing DMBA, it would be prudent to read TruVision reviews that highlight other TruVision products such as TruControl and TruFix.

TruFix Assertions The supplement helps in improving your blood chemistry and claims to regulate blood sugar levels, improve the health of your liver, and keep in check cholesterol levels.

Some of the active ingredients contained in this supplement include:

Raspberry Ketones

The company asserts that the number of raspberry ketones contained in the supplement will help in preventing filling up plaques in the wall of the arteries. The assertion comes from the fact that high doses of raspberry ketones aid in weight reduction.


If you suffer from magnesium deficiency or you have high levels of glucose your body, the magnesium in this item will be of great help to you. It helps in lowering blood pressure levels and reducing glucose amounts.


Copper is an active ingredient in the food we eat. It serves as an anti-oxidant in the body to curb free radicals and prevent inflammation.


This ingredient helps the body to function properly. It is available in most foods such as fish, meat, eggs, broccoli, cheese, herbs, and oatmeal.


The parent substance for this ingredient is cinnamon. Cinnulin is effective in regulating glucose levels in the body, hence assists to prevent diseases caused by high levels of sugar in the blood. Nutritionists also suggest that it cuts cholesterol levels as well as improves blood pressure.

TruFIX Results

The supplement lives up to the claims raised placed by the manufacturer. Its ingredients are not harmful to the human body thus safe for your health. This is something you will read in many TruVision reviews.

TruControl Assertions

In the TruVision review, TruControl is the main component in the pack. The supplement helps in promoting loss of fat in your body, increasing metabolism, and ensuring weight loss through suppressing appetite. The active ingredients in the supplement are caffeine, yohimbine, cocoa powder, and green tea extracts.

a) Green tea extracts

The extracts aid in increasing metabolism and improving fat oxidation. For people who do not frequently take caffeine, green tea extract sits them perfectly.

b) Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder has proven to lower blood pressure keeping you as healthy as possible. This improves your general wellbeing if you struggle with hypertension.

c) Yohimbine

It is ideal for burning fats in the body as well as increasing adrenaline levels for all users.

TruVision offers many other dietary products. However, this TruVision review captures only two of them. The internet is full of TruVision reviews about the other supplements from the company. You will be right to say that the assertions made by TruVision are true. The brand uses all natural ingredients. When the market is flooded with supplements made from artificial ingredients, it would be advisable to use products containing natural elements to protect your body from unexpected harm.

Some of the benefits of using the mentioned TruVision items entail improving digestion, controlling your appetite, increasing metabolism, and eventually helping you lose extra weight.